#79 79 Stab Wounds

by Monica Paul

Virginia was so excited, this one was the best of her antique dolls; she had more than 50 porcelain head dolls. This one was made by a famous doll maker from the 18th century, Armand Marseille.

“This doll deserves a very special place. I want it to be enjoyed by everyone who visits us.” Said Virginia.

Henry took a crystal showcase from a bag, it was the perfect size to keep the doll safe from the dust.

This is for your doll, honey, said Henry.

He put the crystal showcase on a bureau beside the staircase near the house’s main door. It was an old and beautiful piece of furniture flanked by two leather chairs.

“There. You are a genius. Thank you honey. It’s the perfect place for this doll.”

Virginia placed the doll inside the showcase and closed its door; then she stepped back to admire it.

Perfect, said Virginia.

That night Henry heard noises, he went downstairs to check around, by the stairs he felt a pain in his right ankle, then the left ankle, he saw the doll and fainted.

Virginia followed Henry, when she got downstairs she saw the doll stabbing Henry, her face showed an evil smile, it dropped the knife and ran away. When the police arrived Virginia was sitting by Henry’s corpse, she had the knife in her hand and was covered with blood. The police counted 79 stab wounds on Henry’s body.

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Anonymous said...

That's kind of eerie, #79 story is titled 79... And an eerie story, too.