#71 and then life happens

by JC Olsthoorn

Shit happens, too. A friend is diagnosed with breast cancer. She is my age when I had it ten years ago. She was there for me then and she needs my help now.

She has a nine year old daughter. How is she going to explain it to her? We Skype every night. She lives out West. Is she two or three time zones away? I can never remember especially now with daylight savings kicking in.

And my son Sam is off to Korea to teach English. I will miss him. He leaves this week, once his visa comes through. I know he has to go, but I don't feel ready for this pending absence, the void. Will I still buy the same amount of food when he is gone? Will I have to buy milk in liter cartons and not the four liter bags? I think of these things now, today, before Sam leaves.

I should be working. I just can't get started. A big snowstorm is coming tonight, the last I hope for this long bloody winter.

Have to take the dog out for his walk. He’s antsy, full of pee. I get up leash in hand and start to get dressed. Hat heavy boots scarf mitts coat.

Oh, an email. A friend asks if I am okay. I am.


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