#70 The Interview

by Kathy Fowler

A trick of time and space. I’m in the same place I was ten years ago. Because the temp agency looks almost exactly the same, I notice, clearer than ever before, the only significant change in the scenery--the change in me. I’ve been struggling, climbing to the tenth year since I’ve been in this chair. Looking at the same walls, the same windows, I’m startled by the memory of who I once was.

At the time, just out of college, sure of my superiority, I’d been surprised when the recruiter was more interested in my lack of experience than my PBK membership. I knew she would be the only one to ignore it.

Ten years later, here I sit again, facing the same framed inspiration on the wall (maybe a little dustier but the same bold black letters). It says,
The Good is in the WORK.

The maxim puzzled the old me, sure about the choices I had. All work wasn’t good. You had to pick something that was right.

Now, my stomach lurches, muscles tense, and this shaking has become a part of me. I’ve proven I’m no better than anyone since the last time I visited this temp agency.

What I’ve learned will keep me from smugly pointing to PBK listed under “Honors” on my résumé. Now, all I know is I must work, no matter if there’s any good in it.


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