#56 Max and Amelia Have Separated

by Debbie Simorte

Love had got them through some tough stuff.

Max’s affair, chewing with his mouth open, Amelia’s financial infidelity, her taste in furnishings.

Love conquers all, so they say.

Fickle, they also say that love isn’t always enough.

Some things are too much for compromise, and neither Max nor Amelia would budge on their one big problem.

“Why are you so selfish?” Amelia would ask.

“I’m not, I’m reasonable. Why can’t you just dress properly?”

“I do and you are not. It is not reasonable to want me to suffer.”

And so it went for 29 years.

Amelia came to spend more and more time away, mostly at the gym. Max found this suspicious since she never seemed to work up a sweat.

When Amelia did come home, the same old argument started. Every time.

One night, hoping for romance, Max tried to circumvent the problem.

“Baby, why don’t you slip into that lingerie I got you for Valentine’s Day? I’m getting hot just thinking about it.”

And that was it for Amelia. “Because, Baby, your selfish behavior has become intolerable. I am not comfortable in my own home and I want you to leave.”

Frankly, Max had had it, too. He was tired and knew they would never resolve the one big problem. “You’re a cold, cold bitch” were his only words as he grabbed his keys and left.

Shaking, Amelia said to the empty house, “Not any more.”

Then she walked to the thermostat and cranked up the heat.


Jonathan Riley said...

I like the names of the characters. Max and Amelia sound like a gladiator split into two to fight himself. I like stories like this that show the end of a relationship. So often literature, film, and television want to highlight the finer aspects of romance and overcoming conflict. I like the ones that show the deterioration of relationships. The majority of them fail over time and more often than not they end with contempt. Nice exploration of that.

Deb said...

Thank you, Jonathan. Appreciate your thoughtful comment.

Lisa Pellegrini said...

I also like the two names, Deb. The name Max sounds gruff, and name Amelia sounds sort of classy and upscale. So even through their names, these people sound like they are opposites and do not belong together. And I really like the title of this piece. That way the reader knows right up front that he/she should not get his/her hopes up for a happy ending, because it is not that kind of story. It's more like a "why it didn't work out" kind of story. I love the twist at the end with the thermostat, too!

Deb said...

Thanks, Lisa! I was going to give them hot and cold names, Crystal and Aiden, and decided that was too cheesy. Appreciate you reading and commenting.

Gayla Williams said...

I've gone through this! Was this story about me? How did you know! I so related. Good job, my friend.

Deb said...

Ha Gayla! Control of the therostat is a major benefit of being single : ) Thanks for commenting!

Deb said...

Thermostat, not "therostat." Good grief.