#45 Marina

by Jose Martinez

Marina. Pronounced Mahr-ee-na. Queen of seas. She was calm. Mellow. Beautiful, if she chose to be. But even when a storm, she was still beautiful. That’s how I chose to see her.

I knew her well. But then again, is that really fair to say when only I knew her. Nobody else did.

I never spoke about her. There was no point in doing so, “no point in speaking about the non-existent” an old friend used to say. I loved her though... Oh, how I loved her! I loved her the way a father loves his daughter. But not the way a sane man should love something which dwells only within his mind.

At ninety-three I had missed my chance. Not at dreams but at reality.

I had chosen the name Marina before I had even hit double digits. It was a tribute to a small pond that resided a few miles from my childhood home. Only my family knew of this pond, it was therefore untouched by human extension. I loved it! Loved going for a swim in it. It was so clear. So calm. So cool. Innocent, if that makes sense.

We called it Aguamarino. Aquamarine. Marine. Marina. That’s how the name came to be. I guess, if you think about it, that’s a pretty stupid way to choose the name your future child will have to carry their whole life.

But no point in pondering on thoughts like these. Not on that which never came to be.


Dino Parenti said...

I love everything you don't say in this story. Wonderfully evocative.

Lisa Agosti said...

I really like your story, it flows nicely, captivating the audience in its charme