#39 The Purges

by Matt Styne

1. Kevin was fucking his girlfriend at a motel. At his home, Kevin’s son found his mom dead in her room.

2. Leslie wanted her son to die now because his suffering was insurmountable.

3. Patrick imagined strangling his boss during their meeting even though he had no particular anger toward her.

4. Maria’s depression kept her in bed and it made her more depressed. She drank in excess that night to use her hangover as an excuse for staying in bed the next day.

5. Ted masturbated to YouTube videos of an animated crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

6. The moles scattered on Yelena’s body made it impossible for her new boyfriend to climax. They broke up.

7. Drugs are easy, life is hard.

8. We made up all of these words but we are not allowed to make up all of these words.

9. Albundio’s daughter died after her second stroke at eleven. She had Down’s Syndrome. His wife praised it as a blessing not disguised.

10. Bill wants to abolish the second amendment but owns guns.

11. We are all racing to red lights, Heather said as she was about to give him road head.

12. Shea thinks he is all grown up since his dad never comes down to the basement. He lives alone, he tells his date. He’s twenty-seven.

13. Would you want to taste your own cum? Anne asks her boyfriend after he asks her to finish him off with her mouth.

14. The Nelson Algren fiction contest places restrictions on the content of its entrants’ content.


C. Sonberg Larson said...

I like this. it hit me as a dark/twisted version of the song 88 lines about 44 women.

Jonathan Riley said...

This kind of reminds me of the beginning of magnolia, or that Alannis Moorset song that doesn't make any sense. I liked it but in the end it seems like the only thing tying all these events together was for shock value and to stretch competitive limitations. It works though. I was definitely shocked by the content and impressed with the risk.