#33 Over

by Martin van Velsen

The junkie did not notice the man’s features much, he saw a resource. He found the man gazing with a serene smile at model trains in the window of a toy store. When he pulled out his knife he failed to make an impression and had to yell to be noticed. Without a change the man handed over anything he could find in his pockets and returned to the window.

The junkie ran. He ran for the nearest supplier he could remember and bought as much satisfaction as he could afford.

In his stale apartment he woke up hours later with in his left hand a syringe and in his right the man’s wallet.

In a blur he rummaged through photos of two kids, a social security card and some letters. He opened one letter and read: “diagnosis confirmed: pancreatic cancer, stage 4. Maximum life expectancy 2 months.” He left the wallet and filled up the syringe with the rest of the heroin.


Jonathan Riley said...

This story had a neat idea but I think the end could possibly be strengthened. It's not likely to me that the junky would take the time to read the letter in the dying man's wallet unless something about it appealed to him. So I assume it did. And I also know that the junky would disregard it and shoot up, I do wish however that you showed his reaction to the letter. Like maybe a slight hesitation, just the tiniest bit of remorse, and then back to his old ways. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this one quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nice story. Short and sharp. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Human and sad but important. Great read.