#23 Six Months to Live

by Donald R. Clerc

I just found out that I have six months to live.

At least I have more forewarning than most people, who never know when they’re going to die. But this really sucks!

Who do I tell and when and how and how much and and and…

I told my wife Glenda, and shared a good cry with her. We made our battle plan on how to go from here.

Next were the kids and grandkids. At least I’m going before they are – that’s the worst. More questions and crying and questions and crying. I’m getting tired of crying… it’s worse than dying (so far.)

Now on to business matters. I’m sad that my children don’t want my company, but I’ve got more important things to be sad about now.

I’ve saved the best for last – my bucket list. What’s the most that I can do with the limited time, resources, and health that I have left? So now I’m seeing the Grand Canyon for the last time.

There’s been so many things I’ve done – for the last time. I remember the things my Mom and Dad did for the last time. My Mom’s last trip to Colorado to see the grandkids, my Dad’s last time walking around the entire block. Their worlds shrank as they went through the dying process. It’s like concentric circles getting smaller and smaller. And now it’s happening to me.

What will my next lifetime be like?

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Anonymous said...

You captured the emotions of learning your life is coming to an end. At the same time, you captured the process of dying of old age. Best of all was your last line - the hope of another lifetime. Nice work.