#2 Drop Dead Gorgeous

by Arthur Shields

I had never seen a woman so beautiful. My breathing stopped. My male brain halted. Sandra’s resume showed an advanced degree in medical office systems, excellent references and she understood well the new procedures involved in my medical consulting business. After interviewing over thirty applicants I knew my quest for a medical office salesperson/instructor was over.

Business startups often take a while to build their needed customer base. Most new businesses fail. My medical business-consulting firm had struggled for over a year but I had finally found several open-minded physicians who hired us and subsequently recommended our services to other groups. In no time we had over a dozen medical office clients.

My lovely wife listened to my elation over my applicant but cautioned me wisely. “Your beautiful staff instructor will be going into medical offices, your prospective clients, to explain how your new systems will help provide better healthcare. The doctors, mostly male, will likely accept her suggestions, but how do you think the office personnel, mostly female, will react to this stunning young stranger telling them how to run their office?”

I reluctantly realized she was right, as usual. I didn’t hire Sandra and was honest about why. She looked at me, holding back tears, and said, “My husband and I took all the money we’d saved up to straighten my nose, get me a face lift and a new figure. Now, the first job I really wanted tells me I am too gorgeous. Drop dead!”

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Jonathan Riley said...

I like the irony in this one. I also like the twist on the idea that pretty people are more successful. Good work.