#15 Finding Love

by Molly O’Connor

The artist captured that light reflected in the tiles so perfectly? I knew that hallway, I knew that light. I had climbed those stairs, spent the night in a featherbed snuggled under a voluptuous counterpane, felt the warmth of him against my rump, the heat from his body blended with mine.

We met through strangers, brought together by a desire to be loved; we were both lonely and needy. I knew our meeting might be the moment my life would change; I feared it might not. I had reservations and doubts that told me I was not ready for this.

It was a mixed gathering, male and female, all searching for that missing element in their life, a need to bond, to be with someone who shared their world, shared their feelings—shared their love. I faltered and backed away pausing by the door to gather my courage.

I saw you across the room. You were focused on activity near you. I watched. I observed your strong features, admired your long firm body and watched how you moved with grace and dignity. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

Then you saw me. Brown eyes latched onto my blue ones. You slowly moved toward me, caution in every step.

I knew the minute our eyes connected we were meant for each other—passion flooded the space between us. I knelt, held your face in my hands and kissed your forehead. There would be no other dog for me.


Lisa Pellegrini said...

Aww, what an adorable story! And I love the twist ending. Yes, sometimes pets really do feel like the "love of our life," don't they?

Tina M. said...

Wonderful! Love the twist at the very end. Nicely done!