#126 Drug Of Choice

by Christine Taylor

Carol thought she would never get over the heartache of losing Joey, her boyfriend. After the breakup Carol lived in dystopian Long Island. For some unknown reason Carol’s dad was convinced that Joey was on something and forbade her to see Joey ever again.

Since Carol had an affinity for the water she became obsessed with swimming. The pale blue liquid glided over her as she stretched and rolled her body from one side to the other. Swimming narcotize her troubled heart. Chlorine was her drug of choice.

Years later Carol ran into Joey after swimming practice. Joey was on his way to see a new client and promised to reconnect a few days later at a café close by.

The café had a décor of 1940’s shabby french. As Carol sat down she notice a distinct scent emanating from the back of the cafe. Waiters and waitresses bustled around taking orders and serving food as if on roller blades. But the stench became stronger, like the aroma of rotten ground meat. The police arrived and roped off the scented area.

“What happened?” Carol asked the waiter.

“Some derelict overdosed in the bathroom over night. We’re going to open the windows. What will you have today?” said the waiter insouciantly.

Dishearten, Carol left the cafe. The next day when she read the paper, she realized that Joey was in the body bag that the police wheeled pass her.

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Anonymous said...

Sad story... When she said "gets you high" really gave it away that she's not an expert. True psychonauts do not call the psychedelic experience "getting high" because that's just demeaning to what it really is.

Many people wonder how long shrooms stay in your system? Generally, your body eliminates any trace of shrooms usually within 15 hours.