#114 Hidden

by Roy Davimes

Kevin can seek and seek and seek but he won’t find me here. Not in Uncle John’s secret room. I’m going to lie real still and keep real quiet just like Uncle John showed me and Kevin will think I’ve vanished. He’ll look under the stairs and down the hall and in every corner of the house but he won’t look here. I’m safe here. I walked past this door a thousand times before Uncle John showed me where it was. Even when you’re looking at it you can’t see it. It’s like a magic trick. And Kevin’s never been good at stuff like that. Uncle John says it’s because Kevin’s not clever like I am. He says I’m the smartest kid he knows, smarter than his own. Says all kinds of nice things about me. Calls me real special and tells me only special people get to see the room. I don’t like it when he brings me here but I’m fine when it’s just me, hiding. I’m going to let Kevin look for hours, till he starts calling my name. By then he’ll be fearful, I know he will, and I’ll be laughing inside. And just when he’s walking past me, all nervous and yelling, not knowing that I’m inches away, I’m going to leap out and scare the bejesus out of him.

Footsteps now, closer and louder. Silence right outside. Light pushing through dark. That you, Kev? Please let it be you.

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