#100 A New Start

by Evelyn LaRoche

I see the sky. It is flawless today, baby blue, no clouds, just a white chalky long line left by an airplane. The airplane is full of beautiful young lovers going on their honeymoon, a few cranky business man typing away on their laptops while sipping a scotch to calm their nerves, that last meeting must go well, it just must. A baby is crying, her exhausted mother is trying to soothe her with a song while her oldest boy is playing with his figurines.

All of them full of life, all moving towards something.

I see the street, the dog walker is out again today, the three dogs pulling hard on the leach. They can’t wait to get to the park to play with their friends. Overexcited preschoolers are playing on the corner with moms, the school bus should be her any minute now, but where is little Joey? Here comes Rebecca the neighbour, late again, speed walking to get to work in her red high heel shoes, I bet she will complain of tired feet again tonight to her husband.

All full of life, all moving towards something.

I see my house. It is really a beautiful home, carefully chosen colors, rich and cosy furniture, luscious carpets caressing my toes with every step. Grandpa and Grandma are on the wall of the sun room looking at me. Where are you going dear?
Is it time? Yes.

I am full of life, I too am moving towards something.

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