We interrupt this contest . . .

. . . to evasively respond to some questions posed by a commenter:

1. How many entries have been received so far?

I don't want to cite a specific number because some entries are being withdrawn for rewrite and some are being rejected because they're over the word count limit. Let's just say "Lots."

2. Are there any dominant recurring themes in the stories?

Do you mean are any themes fatiguing us? No, there's a great mix of interpretations. Participants should tackle any theme they wish.

3. How long does it take for you to post them from receiving them?

That changes from day to day, as I get caught up on the Big Batch that greeted us when the contest opened.

4. Are you receiving the same or more than last year?

If trends continue, we'll get more this year.

5. Who decides what the art piece will be for the contest? Artist or judge?

The judges do. But now that you mention it, we'll welcome suggestions from anyone.

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Unknown said...

I'm glad these questions were asked, because I also liked knowing the answers.