#98 “Penny” the Magic Penguin

by Kenneth Cassaubon

There once was a penguin named Penny who lived in New York City. Now Penny was a very special penguin, he was yellow and was magical. Penny lived in an apartment with his owner, a magician, locked in a cage at night and when his master was not present. Penny was magical because his master uses him in shows to eat the fish that was pulled out of a magic hat. One night, when the magician left to attend a party uptown he forgot to lock Penny’s cage. Taking advantage of the predicament, Penny got out of his cage after his master left. Penny grabbed his cape, hat, and magic wand as he walked out the door.

As he walked down the busy streets of New York people stared at him in amazement. Penny walked by a woodworking shop and teleported a stool behind glass with his magic wand so he could stand on it. He climbed people and stopped and stared. When Penny reached the top he stood and took off his magic hat and tapped it with his wand. As he reached into the hat the name “Penny” appeared above him in shimmering light. He pulled his hand out with a fish and ate it with honor. The people cheered and chanted, “Penny!” He then ventured home. When he returned, he took off his gear, locked the cage, and slept soundly with a smile on his face. His master would be clueless, until he saw the news.

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