#95 Loving the RED, WHITE, and BLUE of it!

by Mary Jo Hochsprung

Speckles stands on one tiny, strong leg watching the RED ball of sun sink in the sky. It sinks quickly and turns the fluffy clouds pink, orange, and RED. The whole horizon glows RED about the same time every day. Everyone stops to watch the RED beauty of the sky. Speckles loves the RED!

When the sun has disappeared from view, Speckles resumes his search for dinner in the WHITE sand. Speckles scurries here and there on his tiny, strong legs leaving tripod footprints in the WHITE sand. The WHITE sand can be soft and squishy or hard and squeaky. The shell-made WHITE sand is full of many different size footprints that disappear as the waves wash the beach clean. Speckles loves the WHITE!

Speckles chases the BLUE waves in and out doing the Sandpiper Dance. The BLUE water brings treasures of shells, sand dollars, and sea creatures for Speckles’ breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The BLUE waves can splash in soft whispers or crash in loud thunder . . . never ending. Speckles chases the BLUE waves in and out, in and out on his tiny, strong legs and then takes flight over the BLUE water. Speckles loves the BLUE!

Speckles loves the RED, WHITE, and BLUE of it here in the Gulf!

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Taz said...

Very cute. I can picture this beach scene perfectly!