#80 Beloved

by Larsen Tedder

The last button was in place. The curls fell loosely across her left shoulder. It was time for the final kiss from her father. A small peck on the cheek and her walk down the aisle began. The petals were falling down; just like her innocence would do that night. She kept her eyes on her feet. She missed the tear falling from her groom’s eye. She knew she wanted this moment more than anything. But truth be told, she was terrified. In a mere twenty-three minutes, her entire life would drastically change. She could feel the pressure of the eyes on her. The piano was growing quieter as she picked up her foot. Up the stairs she went. She glanced at her father, who was silently crying beside her. “I love you,” he said. The she looked up and her eyes met her beloved’s. That one glance chased all of her insecurities away. Although she had hesitations, she knew in that moment that this is all she wanted. Forever and always.

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Unknown said...

a neat concise story portraying the drastic effect that a look and a smile can have. nice story.