#73 A Lasting Light in a Dark Soul

by Mark Riley

One year ago today my beautiful daughter disappeared from my life forever. Julie was tall with long brown hair and a slender build. Her features were soft and gentle. She was studying to become a medical doctor. She was inquisitive, bent on learning and a good student, driven to excellence.

On that Friday afternoon I missed her call and to this day I hate myself for it. It was a ritual that we would talk every Friday afternoon just to keep up with each other. After our time together I came to cherish our telephone conversations.

I was only allowed a weekly telephone call those were the rules. I had been committed because of my failings and one deadly weakness. My crime was one of a deviant. She was a young beautiful neighbor. Actually it really does not matter because my pain will never go away.

I have enough time to write Julie a letter to try and explain myself. What I say and how I will choose my words is difficult. I do not want to leave her with feelings of shame.

I am forever a lost soul. The sheet is tightly wrapped. I lift my barefoot and my body hangs. I see streams of white light exploding, colors in orange, blue with white reflections of Julie the lasting light of my life.

Beautiful bright colors begin to disappear first and then become dark as everything fades to black.

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