#71 Blooming

by Hannah Walker

Her sleep within the cold ground has come to end. Reluctant to fully come alive, she rolls about under the soft green blankets, spreading a little wider with each move. The sun, who has been calling all the while, finally is heard, and up she sits. Folding back the covers that had kept her safe all this time, she stretches. Her stem becomes long as she sends herself out of her hole. Her leaves spread upward and outward to soak up the warming rays that woke her. She gazes out to take in this new day, still hesitant to take part in the world. The bright sun, the song of the birds, the smell of freshness, they fill her with hope of renewal and beckon her to join them in their joy. Energized by the life around her, she fully comes alive, opening herself to reveal a beauty that lights up the world; the richness of her petals shining against sea of green. As she settles into her new home, she smiles, radiating joy and bringing light to the day.

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