#70 Sushi

by Kenna Spencer

“Isn’t that a little fresh?” Sunso asked, eyebrow raised. I halted my stabbing in order to produce an equally demeaning facial pose. Unfortunately I could think of nothing better to do than roll my eyes.

“My pole is sitting in the basement still, and all I had was these,” I waved the chopsticks in the air.

“Why not go home and grab it?”

“How about you get it and give me some peace.” Sunso was such a moron. I decided to tune him out and go back to fishing. A Clown Fish was coming into my reach. If only I could pinch his fin, I’d have him for sure.

“I do not understand your fascination with catching your own food.” This time his eyebrows pinched upward. I barely registered his voice as the fish was almost near enough. I’d have to be quick, like Chuck Norris.

“Tilla, TALK to me!” Sunso lifted his foot to stomp it, and I knew it would scare away the fish. Without thinking I dove into the pool to grab the booger before he could complete his whiny tantrum. Now I’m the moron. I pushed out of the water, empty handed. Sunso was laughing at me.

“You are so smart!” he exclaimed, sarcasm dribbling from the corners of his mouth.

“Sunso! I’ll wrap you in a seaweed for dinner instead!” He feigned fright as I reached to grab him, then I chased him to our house, mother waiting in the doorway.

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Anonymous said...

Such lovely writing - a solid little vignette, great dialogue, very fun.