#69 What Rent Money?

by Theresa Schultz

Hilda didn’t need to peek through the tiny hole to see who was knocking at her apartment door. She recognized her landlord’s loud knock. She sat perfectly still until his footsteps faded.

No one needed to remind Hilda that her rent was over-due. She just needed time to figure out where she was going to get it. Five days ago she had the rent. She had saved it in a sealed envelope. But she should never have walked through her favorite store, Bert’s Electronics. She loved to see what was new so she could dream of buying it some day. This day she was fascinated with the 50 inch television. With sealed envelope in hand, Hilda went back to Bert’s Electronics. The television was delivered to her the next day.

This was beginning to be a habit for Hilda. It wasn’t the first time she had dipped into her rent pocket. Last month, while walking through the mall, the most beautiful emerald necklace called to her from a jewelry store window. Two days later she was wearing it. However, Hilda found a way to get her rent money. She sorted through the jewelry her Aunt Lizie had left her. She hated to part with the gold, but Mr. Levy, the pawnbroker, was delighted.

Sprawled on the couch, Hilda tried to enjoy her new television, but was too worried about being evicted.

She jumped up, grabbed her new emerald necklace and then dashed off to see Mr. Levy.


Violet Hill said...

This is a story Many can relate to because how many times have we had that big chunck of rent money in our hands and wish it could go to someone or something else? I know I have.

Anonymous said...

Very relatable story.
Just like real life, I was hoping she would see the error of her ways and I was hoping the rent would come first.

Sylvia Crane said...

I loved reading about Hilda but I waited for something to happen.