#62 Fruits Of His Labour

by Andrew Campbell-Kearsey

“So, bottom line, how much do you want for it?”

The gallery owner waited for the response and continued. “Abstract’s a tough market to get into. It’s not as if he’s a name or anything.”

“Yet. It’s only a matter of time before he gets a reputation,” said Paul.

“One hundred thousand’s a lot of cash. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give you fifty thousand and if this one sells in a week, I’ll give you a wall to exhibit your client’s work.”

Paul counted to twenty in his head, while pretending to think the proposal over. “OK. You’ve got yourself a deal.” The owner felt he’d secured a bargain. He knew of many serious buyers who would begin a bidding frenzy over this important canvas.

They shook hands and Paul left the gallery. His tie was beginning to suffocate him. He wasn’t used to wearing a suit, but business meant he had to look the part.

He opened his front door and rewarded himself with a cold bottle of beer from the fridge. He reached over to the fruit bowl and pulled off a couple of bananas from the bunch. He climbed the stairs to his new converted art studio. It was really the guest bedroom, without a bed and plastic sheeting covering the walls. Paul’s artist could get really messy when he was creating.

“Here we are big guy.” Paul threw the bananas at his pet chimp. “I need six more by next week.”


Unknown said...

Chortle! I like!

Kimberly King said...

Love it! Very creative idea.

JRVogt said...

Heh. Great twist.

Bruce Roush said...

Funny, funny story.I'll remember it next time I'm in a museum/gallery and somebody is droning on about a "work of art."

Irena Pasvinter said...

A nice surprise at the end. An excellent idea.

Anonymous said...

I love this. Well written, nice twist, perfect details, good flow. Not only a fun piece but enjoyable to read.

Hannah Onoguwe said...

Hilarious! Very origninal.

Laura Howe said...

Love abrupt twist at the end. Abstract art, even a monkey can do-Funny.