#40 The Kiss

by Alex Ross

The hesitation as she leans in, her eyes locked in a passionate gaze, she’s nervous. Her cheeks are flushed red with blood, her forehead is burning up like an Australian wildfire. Her long black curls fallen over her face, messy, but perfect. Eyes covered by bangs hold the deepest secrets, brush them away and all of her soul is unleashed. Finally, her lips make contact, a jolt of electricity shoots into her like a lightning bolt into a tree, her nerves overload and send signals to her brain. Dopamine floods her system, sending shivers up and down her back. Her spine bends with such a curvature that her stomach bulges out, yearning for more. Toes curling and hands gripping into fists as she starts to get lightheaded. Stomachs churning, smiles growing, and then its over, as quickly as the current rushed through her nervous system; it’s gone, but the feeling will always be lingering on her lips until the next time she gets kissed. She’s exhausted, the extreme emotional and physical demand from the first passionate kiss leaves both partners breathless. Lipstick is smeared across her cheek; she’s beautiful in every way, like an orchid in full bloom. She couldn’t be any better.


Sam Knight said...

I like your similes, they are very descriptive and fit well with your descriptions.

JRVogt said...

Quite the detailed rundown of such a simple, yet powerful experience.

Unknown said...

What a sweetie :$