#3 Moments

by Nina Ricciarelli

Moments. Life is made up of moments. Events captured in pictures that are filed in the grand library that is your brain. They are saved for those days when you need the reminder. A reminder of that moment.

A girl. Her blonde hair bound in knots at the nape of her neck. A small smile playing on the corner of her pink lips. Blue eyes glittering in the bright lights. Her moment.

A boy. Awkward in his stiff suit. Yearning to itch his gel-filled hair. His green eyes meet hers. He forgets everything. His moment.

Side by side they stand. The girl in her white dress and the boy in his stiff black suit. She inches her hand over to him. He grabs it.

They are united. In their eyes, they share the moment.


JRVogt said...

Lovingly poetic. Almost seems a moment from the author's own life?

Flutterby said...

Sweet moments.

Sam Knight said...

Nice job capturing a moment. It felt like a shared one that we have all had, or wanted to have.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much a moment in my life, as one that I wish to have in the future. So Sam Knight, you got that one right. It's almost like if you close your eyes you can see it all planned out in front of you, but it comes in flashes of small movements. Not fully formed memories or fantasies, but pictures of small details.

It's funny that you called it poetic, JRVogt. I am not a very poetic person!

But thank you so much for you comments! I really appreciate them!

Rachael Dunlop said...

Very sweet. I liked the flashes of simple colour throughout, it gave it an almost childlike quality.