#276 Tweet Tweet, Rockin’ Robin

by Derek Hawkins

Why won’t our little girl walk?! 16 months old and still just scooting. Tracy and I hear other parents saying, “You’re a vegetable, yeah they hate you.” We just want her to be normal.


Doc said it’s a gross motor skill issue. Therapy may or may not help Olivia learn to walk. We’ll both gladly spend our evenings working with her. “Some nights we always win.”


Ever keep banging your head against a wall, even though you know you’ll never break through? That’s what doing this physical therapy feels like. Tracy and I are at each other’s throats constantly, a never-ending cacophony of, “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.” We both know it’s no one’s fault but it feels impossible not to blame someone. Would people hate us if they knew we each pointed the finger at Olivia sometimes? “I ain’t got time for that now.”


Oh how we both exhaled when Olivia finally got her legs under her and began to move. Visions of short buses and special schools have started to fade. We’ve gotten to use those baby gates we never thought we’d get to use……...and then discovered that they don’t work. “And I would have stayed up with you all night.”


Who knew that most marriages don’t survive the death of a child? “Words are meaningless, and forgettable”


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Unknown said...

Very compact and intense, bears several readings. Not sure I understood the 'vegetable' line right at the start, which threw me off a little. Love the use of the hashtags to split the sections.