#275 Escaping Purgatory

by Lee Carey

I recall the initial impact, that god awful sound. The force was irrelevant to me, but it destroyed her and now we just lay still. Lately all I hear is a constant beep in a steady pattern. My vessel, she just lies here. I am so conflicted, should I escape and put her to her final rest? I’ll try to wake her, but if I fail I will remain in my timeless purgatory. Even for her sake, I cannot bear the thought of this as my forever.

I fear I may have to slip away and leave her behind. I have danced in her emptiness and tried to arouse her sense of being to no avail. I tickled her inner child and screamed at her sensible adult with no response. Why does she leave me with no other choice than to escape her emptiness.

Although I have not finished my journey with this host of mine it seems as though she has concluded our union. She gave me a comforting home with a peaceful outlook on life. I felt free and whole, just where I belonged. It saddens me to break free whilst I know I must. This transformation is new to me, I will slowly seep out of her upper orifice and seek my new beginning.

It has been a wonderful passage with a farewell to remember. I felt your last jounce as your breath sent me off. Now we are each off to our new birth.

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