#26 Rama’s Revenge

by Mirian Bethancourt

On Harold’s fiftieth birthday he thought, “I have made it halfway through life, and still have no idea what life is all about.”

“If you want to know the meaning of life, you should visit the Ollie Rama,” advised his wife.

Harold agreed, flew to the country of Zee, and there, atop a mountain, found Ollie Rama in his cave dwelling. After introductions, Harold blurted out, “What is the meaning of life, great one?”

“Life is a taxicab with the meter running,” answered the Rama, thoughtfully.

Harold had hoped for something more profound. “You are a fake,” he said.

The Rama remained calm. “I have given you your answer, he said. “Bad Karma comes to those who doubt.”

Discouraged, Harold returned to his mundane life. Then, one day, as he went out to fetch his morning papers, he had an urge to take a walk. Unable to control it, he went jogging down the street in his robe and slippers. Soon he found himself in a park—a magical place,filled with beautiful flowers, birds and butterflies.

Overcome with joy, Harold shouted, “Life is a park!” He then ran to bring his message to the world.


“I don’t get it, said the distraught man, when questioned. “I was driving my passenger home, and as we passed the park, some dude in a robe runs out . . . right in front of my taxi!”


Sam Knight said...

I like the ironic ending, and you set it up nicely with the warning about Karma.

Janice D. Soderling said...


Flutterby said...

Cute and funny!

JRVogt said...

Heh. Fun and a bit twisted.

Theresa Schultz said...

Very Clever and a nice style of writing.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the way the twist of events were portrayed. Clever writing!

Unknown said...

Cute I liked it

Hannah Onoguwe said...

Great ending!

Laura Howe said...

Love the irony.