#252 Curiouser

by Aniket Thakkar

“Hundreds of guards protecting one glass stone! And they wonder where the tax dollars go.”

“May be they are here for protecting us from it.”

“Oh John! Not again!”

“I just follow the facts Susan. Everywhere this thing has been, people have been dropping dead. No one has a clue as to why, or how?”

“They are all rumors. A talking stone wasn’t enough, they had to make a killer out of it too.”

“I called up some of my friends, Susan. They confirm the rumors.”

“Well, nothing much we can do about that, can we? Let’s continue where we left off.” She turned to the stone and said, “Saludos.”

Greetings. It replied.

John interjected. “It’s no use, Susan. We’ve already tried English, Spanish, Irish, and the lot. Heck, I’ve even tried Hebrew, Sanskrit, and the most ancient languages I knew of. It speaks all of them!”

“It translates all of them.”

“Well, yes. And it somehow knows what to translate it to. My money is on Alien Technology. They are finally coming for us!”

Susan ignored his ramblings. “We’ve tried ancient. How about we try, new?”

“I’d invented a language for proposing to Chelsea. No one else knows about it. Let’s see if it can translate this—Baha’rahtun ak’cha, sa’krosh!”

After a moment’s silence, the stone emitted a light-beam that struck John. Before Susan could fathom what had happened, the light faded away and John fell down.

It said, Translate this, bitch.


JRVogt said...

Heh. Fun dialogue here.

Anonymous said...

Darling Aniket, I do miss you SOOO much. (I love this!)

Unknown said...

LOL, funny! One-minute horror and I love me some horror, plus a joke. Nice going!

Aniket Thakkar said...

@JRVogt: Thanks!

Dearest @Aerin: I've missed you too!

@Shona: It had been a while that I killed someone in 250 words. Feels good. :)

Margaret said...

Aniket, so you're killing people with your words too!

Good to see you got your fun piece in on time. Nice one!

Aniket Thakkar said...

@Margaret: Wherever you go. I go.
Light side. Dark Side. Dudn't matter.

You kill. I kill.

Janice D. Soderling said...

Clever. I like it a lot.

Sarah Hina said...

Did you ever read Crichton's SPHERE? This reminded me a bit of that.

I always enjoy your dialogue-intensive pieces. And your clever and unexpected endings. So I guess I'll forgive you for not running this one by me first. ;)

Very cool.

Bruce Roush said...

Funny, Aniket. Sort of a digital age Rosetta stone, with a touch of malice thrown in.

Aniket Thakkar said...

@janice: Thanks a lot!

@Sarah: Nope. Haven't read the Sphere. I had written another piece that I changed at the last minute. Wasn't much time to think and edit, leave alone run it by you.

As it is, you are a treasured resource of knowledge, so I have to use you wisely. :) Can't run with every little thing to you. I hope to give you a big piece someday soon!

@Bruce: Thanks Bat! :)

bluesugarpoet said...

As always, I love your clever writing. :) Alien conspiracy, linguistics, and murder all in less than 250 words. Well played!