#249 Release

by Jennifer Piercy

A spurt of white-hot anger broke through the surface like steam. She slashed the paint onto the canvas adding other colours to intensify the effect.

Why had she let him dominate her? Belittling her, sapping her confidence, she should have got rid of him years ago. Now she was free of him she had taken up painting and found it therapeutic. Tears pricked her eyes, blurring the image. She stood back to study it. It looked better with this softer outline so she worked at the edges of the white till it looked like snow, maybe surf. She felt herself relaxing, her anger temporarily spent.

“Hey great colours Madge.”

She did not trust herself to speak yet, so nodded her head.

“Thought of a title for it?”

“Release,” she said after a long pause. “He doesn’t control me anymore.”

The tutor looked thoughtful. Release would be some way off for Madge, the criminally insane rarely left the asylum.