#245 Anointed

by Mark Schutter

The hooded figure suddenly emerged out of the night on the dark road and Taylor swerved the car to the left crossing over the center line, tires squealing before steering back to the right, skidding to a stop.

“What was that? Did you hit him?” Cora screamed.

“I don’t think so, but we should check,” he said turning the car and heading back the opposite direction. Approaching and then passing the spot where the dark figure had suddenly appeared in the path of their car they saw no one, and instinctively Cora put her hands on her belly protecting her baby girl inside. Continuing down the road another mile they approached the intersection and slowly rolled to a stop at the shimmering red traffic lights.

“Was it our imagination?” Taylor asked.

Suddenly the same hooded figure appeared across the street and both wondered how he gotten this far so quickly? The dark form turned revealing glowing blood red eyes peering out of the darkness of the hood. Cora gasped and the baby kicked hard causing a searing pain as she remembered the strange old lady’s warning many months ago.

“Protect this child, she will be hunted, she is an anointed one of God.”

They sat silently, afraid to breathe watching the figure slowly turn and disappear into the dark night. Minutes passed, until a small ray of light reflecting off the gold cross hanging from the rear view mirror caught his eye. Gently taking Cora’s hand Taylor smiled reassuringly.

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