#242 7-11

by Jamie Burke

Jesse started keeping a lid on his coffee when he worked the register. Twice, someone had mistaken his mug for a tip jar and thrown in their change. He started working at 7-11 when he left Cornell though, as he told his co-worker Abby, he had not planned to hold a job where he wore his name on his shirt.

“Doctors have nametags,” she said.

Jesse daydreamed that the store would be robbed, and he’d save Abby from the stocking-faced man. Grateful, she’d fuck him, and he’d tell her he loved her then, because he didn’t know how to bring it up any other way.


Amber said...

You said so much here, in such a few words. I really liked it.

Dino Parenti said...

Love the brevity and the recognizeable "pathetic-ness" of that last line.

Christopher James said...

Jamie - you're not getting many comments on this story, but I thought it was really good... so thank you for entering it.

Flutterby said...

I'm really taken by how much is said in this very short piece. You really build the character of Jesse up quite significantly in the small amount of space you use. I feel like we can know him.

And even Abby -- doesn't it speak to her sweet character to say that doctors wear nametags? (Unless I'm not interpreting it right.) But to me she is saying that she doesn't think less of him for working at 7-11.

Mark the Mischievous said...

I think there should be a comma after the word Cornell