#236 The Fairy Mound

by Katriena Knights

There had been fairies in the hill once—Liam remembered them. Looking closely at the place where he’d once sat to watch them, he could see tiny footprints in the soft dirt. Lying on his stomach in the grass, he could see the bent blades. And was there a shimmer along the broken grass? A hint of sparkling dust in the dirt?

He hoped so. He remembered watching them as a child, when they would come out under the silver moonlight and dance, blue and green spatters of color, their wings fluttering, turning, spreading a soft cloud of dust over the flowers.

They had been beautiful, he thought, and he brought his head down closer, resting his chin on the ground. There was a tiny hole just there, next to the rock, no bigger than the hole a grass snake might make. Maybe a snake had made it. Or…was that a prismatic sparkle of dust?

He moved closer, trying to see into the dark hole. Carefully, he pressed his finger inside. Was there something there? Had he touched a soft curve of wing, or a flutter of a flower-like skirt? He had to see.

He shifted, looking directly into the hole. A light twinkled there, far away, deep in the recesses of the narrow tunnel. It outlined a silhouette, the curve of a tiny female body.

“Hello?” he called. “Hello? Do you remember me?”

And then he jerked back, screaming, as the slim spear rammed the butt into his eye.

Nimuë Taylor thought working for a vampire would be cool. Instead it’s just like any other annoying job, complete with a boss, Colin, who drives her crazy. Other than the daily humdrum routine, nothing much exciting happens.

Until the day Sebastian, Colin’s old friend (read: ex-lover), comes to town, bearing a magical stone that can make any vampire immortal. Really immortal. He doesn’t want to use it, just keep it out of the wrong hands. Trouble is, the wrong hands are getting far too close—and the stone is slowly draining Sebastian’s life force.

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Anonymous said...

Ow! Nicely done!

Flutterby said...

Ha, take that nosey human! :)