#234 The Light

by Sharon D. Blackmon

A gust of wind blew hard against the sail hurling the boat into a tail spin. “Amanda, where are you?” I searched frantically. The harsh wind had tossed my daughter overboard. I can’t swim. “Lord, help me!”

The wind grew stronger and the rain fell harder. “Oh Lord! Now I can’t see. Amanda, its Mommy! Where are you?” Sickness invaded my body. “I am going in, Lord.” Just before I entered the deep dark raging sea, I looked up towards heaven as the rain trickled down with my tears; I closed my eyes and prayed. “Lord, please don’t let my little girl die. Save her please!” Upon opening my eyes, a bright light appeared.

“Is there anyone there?” I called out. The bright light moved swiftly towards me. The wind and rain became softer. I see something; it’s a man! The bright light came from his helmet. He’s carrying something. I tried to focus; my eyes were still adjusting from the bright light. He extended his arms towards me. I looked at what was in them. It was Amanda! The man with the bright light was the Coast Guard.

“She was hanging on a branch,” he said.

“Thank you,” I cried out.

Now after a storm when the sun breaks free from behind the dark gray clouds and begins to shine brightly, I am often reminded that it is God saying to me, “I hear you calling me and help is on the way.”

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Anonymous said...

I love the reference to Jesus walking on the water. You half expect it to be him coming out of the darkness!