#212 Kindergarden Painting

by Ali Jansen

Miss. April brings in the spring colored paint into the kindergarten class the kids are so happy and took it out of her hands than throw the jars all around and the paint spattered onto the walls, the kids screaming with joy and the teacher yelling “stop, stop!” The children are spreading and spattering the blue, orange, and white paint the teacher got for a spring project. Mr. Gosh comes in “what’s going on Miss. April?” the prinsable asked. “Well Mr. Gosh we were just going to get started on our spring project” Miss. April answered, “The walls look like, like, like! “Like what Mr.?” one of the students asked Mr. Gosh is silent and waited a few minutes before he says anything. “Are you okay Mr. Gosh?” Miss.April asked aging. “Well it is an amazing spring project, what a great idea Miss. April, I love it!” exclaimed Mr. Gosh “Well uh Mr.- “Wonderful this is going to stay here forever!” Mr. Gosh interrupts. “Why thank you Mr. Gosh, it was my students.” “My students, what do you think it looks like?” Miss. April asks “I think it looks like a storm leaving our homes!” one of the kids says. Another one shoots “spring coming after winter leaves” “I think it looks like a wonderful painting from my class” Miss. April ends the discussion.

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