#202 The Letter

by Alayna Birgel

“Is there anyone with the surname Robin on this vessel?”

“Why ye be searching for a member of my crew?”

The young boy stammered, “I have been from port to port searching for him... I have a letter...”

The pirate held up his hand, his bony fingers waiting for the rough texture of the letter. “Enough lad I’ll give it to him, a boy a young as yourself really shouldn’t be crossing paths with the likes of me and my crew.”

“I only do my job sir, from port to port no matter the sort.”

“Off with ya...” the pirate snatched the letter noting the wealth of it before heading to his crew. “Master Robin?” The captain teased holding up the folded message.

“M-master? No...” one boy breathed under the laughter of the crew. “What do you have for me Edward?”

The captain’s jaw clenched as the boy walked to face him, “That’s Captain Teach to you lad, ye best be holding your tongue or it’ll be tasting the cold of me pistol” the man threatened breaking the seal of the letter mumbling the first line, “To young Master Robin…” The pirate’s eyes scanned the rest of the parchment. “Master eh? You’ve failed to mention your line of wealth me boy.”

“I come from no wealth, my father left me on the streets of London.”

A raspy laugh fell from the man, “not here lad, ye late father gave you everything... this be his will enclosed.”

“My father is dead?”

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