#201 The Beauty of Adventure

by James Bartley

Jack never believed in love at first sight, until he saw her. Jack lived a lonely and monotonous life. He needed a vacation, so he went to the beach. And there he fell under the Siren’s spell. As he lay in the sand, he gazed across the sea and he saw her. Jack had never even imagined anything as gorgeous as her. It must be true that the goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born from the sea because her beauty was divine. She rose out of the sea foam, sparkling like a diamond. Water slowly glided down her perfect curves. On her side, tattooed in a script as elegant as herself, was the word adventure. Adventure, Jack thought. Nothing would make him happier than to go anywhere and doing anything with her. Just the two of them. With imagination as their only boundary. He had to have her. He could go back home and try to continue his life without her, but without her, he could not live. He saw an old sailor near her. Jack gestured towards her then said, “Is she yours?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“I will do anything to be with her if you let me have her.”

The man responded, “She’s beautiful. Isn’t she? She has brought me great happiness over the years. It’s time I let her do the same for someone else.”

Jack thanked him and walked out to her. He climbed aboard and sailed towards the horizon to embark on his new adventure.

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Laura Howe said...

Love the nautical twist and your description of the 'siren' with the "Adventure" tattoo.