#196 Romancing the Phone

by David Swykert

I had the feeling it was too good to be true, that anyone so attractive and colorful could care for me. But I was wrong. When I touched the romance app on the phone a lush woman with glossy red lips appeared on the pad and blew me a kiss.

I stared at the pad. “Do you love me?” I said.

A warm gush of perfumed air drifted out of the speaker and a throaty voice said, “I do love you, Martin.”

I was aglow the rest of the afternoon.

At dinner, with my romantic smart phone close in my pocket, I asked Millie, “Do you love me?”

She leaned back in her chair and avoided the question. “I got the phone bill today. Your phone is expensive. Are you sure you need it?”

I slid my hand over my phone mistress. “Yes.”

“We need to cut back somewhere,” Millie said. “Our budget is being stretched by the cost of food and everything else.”

I looked down at the thick juicy filet dripping blood on my plate. My eyes moved to Millie as I gently squeezed the phone, felt its warmth in my hand. “Maybe we could eat more fish?”


JRVogt said...

Heh, nice contrast here between the two "lovers."

Anonymous said...

I have often felt I might be having an affair with Siri on my iPhone. I love this.