#194 Inspiration

by Steve Lee

Earl’s emerald green eyes moved in concert to the motion outside the kitchen window. A slow head movement with a slight circle, like a bobble head coming to rest, meant the humming bird was hovering about the feeder. A quick snap of the head and the humming bird had darted away or back.

Bird watching was momentarily broken by the mouse squeak of Converse tennis on yellow linoleum. Lacy had entered the small kitchen. Her hair, in contrast to the sleek fur of Earl, was a tousled mess. Night often produced many flops, rolls and climbing motions. Lacy’s numb head during the day became a whirring thought machine at night. The buzzing coffee grinder, gurgling of the coffee machine and the familiar scent of Costa Rican beans relaxed Lacy’s muscles and slowed her breathing.

The rising pitch of coffee filling a cup, the creak of a wooden chair on the linoleum and the rattle of paint brushes brought Earl springing from the window ledge. He hit the floor with a thump then gracefully leapt to the counter where he could view Lacy’s blank canvas. Soon Earl’s bird watching motions were being played out as he followed the tips of brushes laying down bright colors.

Setting down her brush Lacy turned to see Earl, his eyes fixated on the canvas as if astonished. “Why thank you Earl.” Lacy said.

Could Earl speak, he would have said in regards to the finished canvas, “My God, the flight of the humming bird!”

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