#179 What You Get

by Mary Ellen Martin

The prow of the ship exploded in the dark night. Smoke roiled into the air, reminding me of the ocean during a storm.

The blast knocked me overboard. I landed in the water in an ungraceful belly flop I would have noticed, had the shock, pain, and lack of air been only minor issues.

Sounds were muted, or maybe I was just deaf now, but the light from the fire was bright enough that I had no trouble telling which way was up.

I broke the surface, gasping, looking around for any falling debris that might hit my head. We were close enough to the harbor, and someone surely called 911. Should I stay, or should I go? I had to remember not to hum that in front of the cops.

I treaded water, watching the boat burn. Caster was going to give me hell over this, but I would tell him that’s what he got, with the booby traps. He would call it an occupational hazard, and congratulate me for taking his advice.

Was I the only survivor? Where was Mark? Did he make it? Doubtful. He’d been standing next to the ice chest when it exploded, lifting the lid and reaching for a beer.

Of course, this is what Mark got. I didn’t know, when I met him, that he was an abusive son of a bitch.

And he didn’t know I was friends with smugglers.


JRVogt said...

Enjoyable revenge story! Makes me want to read more about this character.

Anonymous said...

I want the book! You've got skills!

Scott Wood said...

I like it, but I really want more. Seriously.

mamaerica said...

Want more. How did she get involved with this guy? Where did they meet? Who's Mark? Smuggling what? More, more, MORE!

Anonymous said...

Great hook! I also want to know how the story ends.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it.