#173 Winning the World

by Josh Bierley

It came down to that final race to determine which team would be the league champions. The point difference of the two teams was only one point. The runners knew they had to win this race to win the championship. The pressure was on!

The first leg runners lined up for the start of the 4x400 meter race. The gun went off and the race begins. The fans were cheering at the top of their lungs. The runners gave it all they have. Hand-off after hand-off the race went on at a high rate of speed.

The third leg runner hands off to the anchor leg of the favored team. It is a good hand-off. He sprints off with the next team not far behind. Both runners are giving it all they got and you can tell both teams really want this title.

It is an extremely close race, but the one team that comes out with the win was... the other team. They immediately put their heads down and walked away. The announcer began announcing the awards. Another official is handing out the awards. All of a sudden, the stadium lights up with a whole array of colors. Fireworks were going off in all directions. The victory lap was not run that day. The question still stands, why were they not happy that they had won?

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