#17 Duplicity

by Debra L. Beauchamp

The package came in the mail wrapped in Christmas paper even though it was mid-August. I opened it up expectantly, not seeing any return address on the box. I tore away the paper, ripped open the cardboard and sat for a moment in silence.

I found the letter where you set it, right on top of my things. I read it through once quickly not wanting the words to nip my heart and then again slowly, so I could digest my anger and my betrayal.

After a long, quiet hour, I calmly stuffed it all back into the box and walked out my door down to the river. I stood there, watching the water lap lazily up to the shoreline; the air was filled with quiet bird songs and the warm breeze played lightly with my hair. I swept away the small tear that was slowly inching down my cheek and I tossed that box with all my power into the water and watched the resultant splash and the colourful paper melting into the river.

I think the part that hurt the most was that I was totally unaware of the unfaithfulness, of the fact that you wanted me out of your life, that it was all happening behind my back and, oh yeah, the fact that you were doing this with my sister.


Flutterby said...

Great way of working in the prompt with the water imagery and dynamic throwing in of the box.

Sam Knight said...

I agree, great use of the prompt imagery! Also, nice use of our own curiosity to pull us into the story, wondering what's in the box.

JRVogt said...

Good contrast of Christmas paper in August, peeling back this person's ignorance to a painful truth.

Sylvia Crane said...

The Christmas paper in August captivated me and I couldn't stop reading.