#162 Hunting Accident

by Chrome Oxide

The bullet slammed into my chest, forcing me to my knees. The rain on my stealth suit had created a ghostly image rather than aided my concealment.

My programming placed me here in the Western States Hunting Preserve in the early evening. Evidently my target thought the rain would not hurt his chances for a trophy.

I tried to stand up and flee but I lacked the strength. My programming took over again, this time forcing me to activate the destruct feature. The stealth suit melted off and washed away. Underneath I wore a typical hunters gear, including a DayGlo orange vest.

My body sensor showed my vital signs dropping. Sally would never know how much I loved her. I longed for one last kiss and one last smile.

This started back when I called Jack and told him I had “saved enough to buy the engagement ring” Sally deserved. The agents arresting me claimed that phrase was code for “hoarding supplies for a military encounter.”

After questioning me for months, the agents explained I needed to kill one man to prove my loyalty to the state. I agreed, however, their programming left me minimal freedom of action. I doubted them because I never heard of the agency they claimed to work for, or the official they claimed was “an enemy of the state.” I had no other choice.

A hunting accident occurred, but not the one my programmers or I wanted.

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