#143 Eden

by L.J. Amodeo

The tangerine sun set as I strolled along the plush gardens of Eden. I named my new home Eden because there were no harsh winters or brutally hot summers here. Only Spring.

I never tired of admiring the sprawling gardens of rosebushes, mixed Canterburys and Elderflowers infused with Chamomile. As dawn skittered across the horizon, I’d inhale the scent of freshly baked biscuits, warm croissants and raspberry tea. The manicured gardens, bloomed and blossomed with supple flowers. An oasis of romantic gardens thrived in a flawless balance of nature.

The nestled castle was much more than the Obidos ever was for me. Its stone steps were designed to resemble waterfalls spilling out to a statue of Neptune, into the Italian gardens, through the delicately designed croquette lawn and beyond. Tucking a fragrant flower in my hair, I wandered past the white cherry blossoms and delicate magnolia trees, onto a path extending into the woods. The scent around me was invigorating, pulling me deeper under a canopy of trees. I wasn’t sure how long I walked before finding a clearing. Stepping into the sunlight, I stared up at a magnificent waterfall in an array of pastel colored water streaming into a lagoon just steps from where I stood. Mesmerized by the fall’s beauty, I sat at its edge, dipping my feet in the water, remembering the comforts of home, as the water plunged over the cliff into the breaks of the basin below. How I missed home!

A forbidden love, a sacred bloodline, and a powerful gift, plagues the last remaining descendant with an unspeakable burden and an unforgivable fate. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Anne Morgan is no stranger to the paranormal world. Haunted by voices and visions for most of her young life, she begins to question her sanity as a teen, setting her apart as an outcast in school. In quatrains and sacred manuscripts, a Chosen One is prophesied, yet Elizabeth does not know she is the descendant of the holiest woman who ever walked the earth. The whispers and cries, meant for her mind only, are those of lost souls pleading to be liberated by the true holder of the key. In her senior year of high school, Elizabeth meets two new strangers, both who know her secret and who turn her world upside down. Meanwhile, her only friend Freddie, loyal, devoted and secretly in love with her, stands quietly in the shadows of her life as she begins to unfold the mystery of who she is destined to become.

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