#130 Let It All End

by Jon Hegemier

“War never changes. War was never won with money, fame, or the stronger weapons, but with the blood of the thousands willing to give their lives so that people they may not have known could sleep easily at night knowing they may be safe and free.” As the soldier read this poem his daughter wrote over and over, he felt determination, the determination to defend his family and friends. Morning arrives soon after, so he wakes up his squad. He saddles up his velociraptor and his cavalry rides off to face the hardships the war may bring. Slow and silently, they crept among the icy ruins of what once was the capital of the most powerful nation in the world. Many losses have been at the fault of the war, but now it is all over. As he looks down, he sees the rust colored snow and debris. Loved ones killed, memories ruined. But you know what they say. War never changes.


JRVogt said...

Velociraptor, eh?

Jon Hegemier said...

Why not? Use your imagination. Besides,who doesn't love a velociraptor-riding survivor in a post apocalyptic environment? To let loose and write what comes to mind can produce very interesting results!

Lucas Jackson said...

Jonny, Jared would be proud of that.