#116 Bad Belly

by Sunday Igwebuike

Nnamdi was born on the day Umuchi the great king of Ugboka ascended the throne. Any child born that day is considered special for the day may or may not happen in one’s life time.

Nnamdi grew up a respectful and hard working chap. His Uncle Uzodike took him to Asaba to continue his education and introduce him in business as he was in business he got admission into the university in Asaba and his uncle saw him through the years. Nnamdi was using one stone to kill two birds. His uncle settled him on graduation from the university and he had a big electronic shop.

Nnamdi was rolling in money. During the Christmas, he would give money generously to the people. But his mother Obika did not like it. She warned him to desist but he was adamant. He had told her times without number that givers never lack but she would not hear. She was prepared to teach him the lessons of his life. So she went to Aganogwu, a popular and powerful native doctor to tie his hands spiritually and this affected him badly as unknown fire gutted his shop, his wife lost a seven-month pregnancy, his two cars were stolen and he became sick. Through a man of God, he recovered from his strange sickness and bounced back in business. Later on, his wicked mother ran mad and was confessing openly her atrocities. Not too long she died on the market square. What a shameful death!

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