#106 Only Women Bleed

by Samantha Memi

Alone in my room I sit, looking out the window, watching snowflakes tumbling, settling on the garden, whitening the trees. I don’t think of you.
As snow covers the lawn you try to enter my heart. I see your footprints crush through the glistening white.
The curtains are full of migrating birds. Startled by my presence they try to escape.
Absorbing my space their souls flutter. You think from their peaceful animation you will find ways to seduce me?
The carpet hiccups particles of dust that were scraped from the soles of your shoes. The way I was scraped, expendable, gratifying for an instant, caught in a sunbeam.
When I lie on our bed I don’t recall you beside me. There remains no warmth that once was yours.
You walked out the door, callous.
It happens every day. The door closes with a faint click and my heart stops. Every day my heart stops.
Where are you now? I don’t care. In the arms of another?
She doesn’t love you. No one can love you more than me. I gave you all the love in the world. Only God has so much love to give.
You took everything I had and you couldn’t look back. You couldn’t even say goodbye.
The door clicks shut. I hear your boots crunch in the snow.
The dust settles.
The blood drips, drips, drips . . .


Unknown said...

I like the paradox of the sentence "I don't think of you." I'm not sure I understand exactly what happens. I would guess, but I hate being wrong: )I may reread it a few times & see if it becomes clear.

Anonymous said...

Such a moving piece! Kelly Shackelford

Alexis A. Hunter said...

Beautiful, utterly beautiful and poetic. :)