#100 The PastTime

by Kathleen Davenport

We left from the Florida Keys in the early morning hours on a bright and sunny day. After only a few hours out, fog began to blow in. Soon it was so thick we were unable to see each other on the boat. As the fog began to lift it was replaced by a white light which shone brighter than the day. It first appeared at a distance and was upon us before we knew what was happening. In the light I could see large light blue asymmetrical eyes up top, a long white misshapen snout containing little structure, and a large crooked mouth underneath.

We all saw the frightening spectral anomaly at the same time, but were unable to move or speak. We stood mesmerized by the aberration that looked like a giant waterspout with shades of blue and orange intermingled within. It was at this point that I remembered the words, Devil’s Triangle.” As the macabre figure converged upon us, my last memory was of entering into the illuminated waters.

The next day a small yacht was found by the U.S. Coast Guard, abandoned in the Florida Straits, its name, The PastTime.


Inger said...

I will stay off of yachts off the coast of Florida! Nice short story!

T.Marshae said...

I love it! I want to hear more

Anonymous said...

Great story, it really peaked my iagination-Willie

Unknown said...

very interesting story,sounds like it should be turned into a suspence novel.