#9 Death of a Dream

by Michaelle Wilde

As before, with thoughts of grandeur reverberating in my mind, I allow myself to be drawn into yet another adventure, one I know nothing of.

Weeks pass, I’m getting the hang of this! Months pass, I’m confused but plod on. Years later my enthusiasm wanes, but not to the point of giving up.

Then it happens. Anyone who knows me well has seen this coming since the day I embarked on such an undertaking.

A loud bang fills my ears. I close my eyes tight against the searing pain. Tears stream freely as I fight the blinding light. How can this be? My eyes are closed, darkness should prevail. But it doesn’t.

My vision returns, not of my eye sight but of my aspirations. There’s still time! My dream is within reach. I simply need to grasp on.

A guttural roar expels from my throat as I attempt to catch up. I stumble, but any pain is lost to adrenaline.

“What have I done?” I cry out to no one.


I’ve done nothing to capture my desire. I have merely convinced myself that I have worked hard for it. But it’s a lie, and now I have no option but to admit to myself that I have failed . . . again.

I hold my breath against the deep pain in my chest as the dream shatters. Another opportunity lost to fear.


Jade said...

This piece is just bursting out of its ribcage with emotion, but I feel a little lost in the clouds. I think these words can be empowered with more concrete specifics to ground me (the reader) in the unique experience of the narrator, the things that "anyone who knows me well" can see.

Sam Knight said...

I love the power of this, but I had a hard time finding the story. I don't really know what happened. Although it left me with lots of fireworks in my eyes.

Rachel Green said...

I feel so sorry for the protagonist, nut I don't know what he was pursuing.

Sarah Laurenson said...

The fears, the doubts, the pursuit sabotaged. I understand.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone. You're very nice to have taken the time.