#81 The Answer Lies Inside

by Heidi Medina

We all need food. Food for the soul seems to be the hardest to find. We live in a world that sucks the life out of the soul and gives nothing back. It is no wonder we strive so hard to have more and more things in attempts to fill the gapping black hole.

Inside is where I must go to find food for the soul so that I can help myself. The darkness is so blinding I feel I have lost my way. Groping and fumbling in the dense black, I fight to see the light. The light is where I will find substance for my soul.

The answers always did lie inside. Clawing to grasp the little morsel, I blow gently on the speck of light. This light is the only thing food around. I feel my soul slipping closer to the edge of oblivion. I seek others like me; flailing in the darkness, my hands find no one.

I realize I am the only one here. It is all up to me. It always was. I blow again on the speck of light. It brightens for a moment. I understand. I must love the darkness for it to go away. A purpose is born, doubts cloud. Am I strong enough? The light flickers.

Yes! I can do this. My soul feels lighter. The light brightens. The darkness feels less heavy but the way out is still unknown. At least I have my purpose, not all is lost.

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Sam Knight said...

A wonderful visualization of inner doubts and loneliness.