#66 Fatal Love

by Teodora Savu

You know that moment when you realize that life is not a fairytale anymore? The moment when they prove you wrong? The moment when you find out that the people you love are not who you thought they were?

Her parted lips and her bare hands shake as she glances down at the dangerously shiny knife held at her throat. His brown eyes seem to be burning holes into her brain and soul, and his lovely dark curls turn now into wings of death.

“John . . .” she mumbles. “I love you. Why are you doing this to me?”

“I love you too, Rose,” he speaks. “That’s why I’m doing this.”

His voice is chaotic and hollow, yet it keeps so many feelings underneath this deceiving surface.

Her fingers reach out to touch his other hand. “If you love me, then put that knife away.”

He slaps her hand away; a terrified gasp leaves her pale lips. “Have you ever thought about future?” he suddenly asks. “Have you ever thought of the way your family, friends and the whole society will react to the fact that you are in love with a killer? You don’t know how this is, Rose. You don’t know how it feels to be pushed away.”

“I don’t,” she speaks, her voice trembling. “But I can learn.”

“Good bye, Rose.”

A scream. A scream and the sound of broken glass. That is all, before her life runs like a red gush over his hands and his face.


Sam Knight said...

What a dark fairy tale that was! I liked the imagery of his curls turning into wings of death.

Teodora Savu said...

Thank you for your comment, Mr.Knight. It is nice to hear such an opinion from a person like you, especially since I am young and at the beginning of the road. Thank you again. :)